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Polytech DTF II

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Listing date: 2020-03-11
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Model: Polytech DTF II
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PolyFilm Digital Transfer Solution II

PolyFilm Digital Transfer Solution II

PolyFilm Digital Transfer Solution II

PolyFilm Digital Transfer Solution IIPolyFilm Digital Transfer Solution II

1.      Printing

(1) Check ink volume and print head test draw first before any printing

(2) Keep the printing room temperature between 20-28 degree, 40-60% humidity

(3) Keep the PolyFilmTM clean by handling carefully

2.      Transfer condition and tests

(1) 150-165 degree, 10-15 seconds, 4KG pressure, actual temperature and time depends on your request of fastness, handle, surface, color strength and Whiteness. Always testing for a best condition is highly recommended due to different fabrics, colors and environmental condition changes.

(2) All tests should be done in 24 hours after transfer

3.      Handling and Storage

(1) Keep the environment clean, especially not touching the PolyFilmTM with hands.  

(2) Keep PolyFilmTM in cool and dry area, no direct expose to sunlight.

(3) Keep away from solvent.

(4) Shelf life is one year.

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