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Polytech (Shenzhen) Inc. is a company that focuses on researching, manufacturing and promoting eco-friendly digital printing solutions in the textile printing industry.

Our products include PolyInk: water-based latex inks, PolyWhite: water-based digital printing vinyl, PolyFilm: water-based digital transfer film, Polytech DTF1, Polytech DTF2...

With the combination of patented  PolyInks and irreplacable PolyFilm, we launched the One-Step Digital Transfer Printing Solution - DTF1 in 2019. The full automation of Polytech DTF solution integrates the functions of digital printing, powder coating and drying,  greatly increases production efficiency and revolutionised textile digital printing market.

We are dedicated to develop eco-friendly & innovative digital printing solutions to create value for our customers.

About Polytech

About Polytech

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