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POLYWHITE® is a water-based digital printing PU Vinyl,  which is a patented product exclusively developed by our company. It is a heat transfer film that can be printed with water-based inks (we also have product which can be printed with solvent-based ink). Through the printing, cutting, weeding, positioning, pressing, printed POLYWHITE® can be transferred onto all kinds of fabrics, garments and other substrates cannot be directly printed. Therefore, POLYWHITE® is a supplementary material and process to white ink and screen printing backup white for digital printing on dar...
Release time: 2018 - 07 - 03
Polytech Shenzhen INC. is an international background company leading by a group of Chemists and Investors from US and HK.We have a strong chemical background along with experiences in screen printing and digital printing industry.To help improve on garment printing by digital printer, we successfully lauched our Latex ink series.It can be used on DX4, 5, TFP DX7 print heads with very good color strength and great printability!We have all colors, including CMYK LC LM and spots colors: Or, Bl, Gr, R.Talk to Polytech to get what you need!!!
Release time: 2018 - 06 - 14
customized T-shirt Printing powered by Polywhite Small EPSON printer but very stable, by loading Polytech latex CMYK inks, it can be a printer to print fashion printson your T-shirts.1、No limitsNo limit of color! No limit of design! No limit of volume! No limit of fabrics! 2、limited investmentPrinter, cutter and heat press! That's all you need to run your T-shirt design and printing studio.3、all seasonsPrint on T-shirt for summer season and Sweater for other seasons. Great printability helps print all the time!Polytech Shenzhen INC. provides the whole solution to y...
Release time: 2018 - 06 - 27
Due to its colorful patterns, PU leather is widely used in lots of areas, such as inner decorations of Sofa and Cars, Furnitures, Suitcases and Garments.  More and more printing requests come from fashion, customization nowadays. However, in recent digital leather printing industry, mostly it was mostly printed with solvent-based inks, those inks harms healthy through breathing and touching, harmful to organs, nerves and blood system.  Non-solvent, eco-friendly PU printing is requested by the market for long time. Polytech Shenzhen INC. launched water-based printing PU...
Release time: 2017 - 03 - 23
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